Negative Voices 

So my Dad, Glenn & me enjoyed our night under the lights on Friday. It was a family ritual to be savoured regardless of the result.Picked up a ticket for the David France Q&A on 8th Oct from Dave at the Winslow beforehand; I sat in the spare obstructed view ticket I’d got a row in front and a few seats along.

Didn’t take long though for the negative voices to kick in & take some of the shine off the evening. I’ve been watching Everton long enough to never “expect” a win. Plus Palace have a great recent record at our place & we’ve just lost two in a row. But I came in hope, as always, & I came to support the players, the team, the manager, the Club.

Some couldn’t wait to slag Ross & amazingly Bolasie. The latter got dog’s abuse. His only crime for me was trying too hard v his former club.

The old man & Glenn reported the same. Somehow the “lads” behind them had got bottles of Bulmers passed the stewards & laid into Yala from the off. Glenn didn’t take his jacket off which would have revealed a 14 Bolasie shirt, bought by his Grandpa for his birthday next week. The same clowns had their feet up on the back of the seats in front (we all know space is tight in Top Balcony but come on) then, when Rom scored, they spilled the cider all over the old man’s jacket & seat. An apology was beyond them by all accounts. Don’t want to be a prude & appear old before my time but they really pissed me off.

Everton fans are the best, beyond compare, but increasingly better/more positive away than at home.

Goodison Park is our home, our house. Treat it and fellow fans with respect. Support the team, make it a fortress like we have done so often.  Make it a place that encourages talent and youth. Many of us would like to see Tom Davies given a run in the team. One misplaced pass, & the moaners will be on him!

Those who booed at the final whistle need to have a serious word. Look at the table, look at the new Manager and the new investment. It’s never going to be an overnight turnaround from the Bill & Bobby days. We have bought well; not enough quality yet, but we’ll get more in January for sure.

Save your negative voices for screaming at the telly, don’t bring them to the Old Lady.

Come on You Blues!

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