Karma Chameleon

Sometimes in football, you just don’t get what you deserve. Evertonians know that better than most, believe me. The unjust desserts can be character building, as I said in Just another game, my arse. In fact they should be character building, they help you to appreciate the good times (rare indeed for Blues this century) and the (even rarer) moments of good fortune.

One penalty in 80 years at Anfield, until yesterday. A game where we enjoyed a heady 21% possession. But one glorious cross field pass from Wayne to DCL, a run into the box, and a clumsy Croat saw the ref point to the spot. That was that, a point secured, against all the odds.

But that wasn’t that to their Manager. The ultimate hypocrite, at worst, or chameleon perhaps, if you want to be more generous and polite. He was affronted that a team could be awarded a penalty when they’d had so little possession. He was outraged that a push in the penalty area could be a foul. Most of all he was incredulous that journalists could dare to disagree with him.

By popular consensus he took a risk by resting half his self-proclaimed Fab Four; then he took another one by taking his “match-winner” off with 20 mins left. He rolled the dice when he didn’t need to, and then got cross when he rolled Double One.


Klopp loves to play to the gallery, all heart and sleeve histrionics; but yesterday he lost it so badly that even Danny Murphy had to call him out, where there would usually have been a Jurgen love-in on MOTD2.

He tries to give the Media what they want. However, he was left yesterday with at least a dozen eggs on his face when all the Press corps raised their hands to say they thought it was a penalty. Then he said he must be wrong, but he didn’t convince anyone. Not even a chameleon can change colour that quick.

He was rumbled, just an angry man who couldn’t accept the result. Take your opponents lightly at your peril in any sport. If that’s your fiercest local rivals, be especially careful. When they have a new Manager who wants to make them tough to beat, make sure you take every chance to score.

Every manager, and indeed player, should remember the words of Kipling in “If” about treating the “impostors” of “Triumph and Disaster” the same. If you can’t or won’t then you risk being served a large dose of karma when you least expect it.

Yesterday Wayne Rooney, Sam Allardyce and all those in Royal Blue delighted in delivering that karma to the chameleon in the opposite dug out. We all showed our true colours I guess.


6 thoughts on “Karma Chameleon

  1. And they have the bare-faced effrontery to call us bitter !!

    The Klopp meltdown though was a true thing of comic beauty, quite the funniest thing on national tv since David Jason went arse over head in the OFAH wine bar scene.

    79% possession against a back four with two youngsters, a less than confident hoofer and Martina playing on his wrong side and they still only recorded 3, jawohl Jurgen, ein, zwei, drei shots on goal.

    He should have been utterly embarrassed to talk to the press after such a dominant, blank firing performance rather than going off on one like the petulant plank he showed himself to be.

    One wonders how many bullets Murphy will receive for his near heretical condemnation on MotD2?

    Klippitty would do well to learn some humility before FSG consider giving him the order of Das Boot.

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  2. There is nothing wrong in being passionate about your team and the complete injustice of what happened to them. How you can call Jurgen Klopp for that and then praise two faced Man Utd lover, Rooney, who couldn’t wait to get away from his boyhood team until he had to come crawling back when they didn’t want him any more. And as for Allardyce, he’s anybody’s for a few quid and a couple of pies.


    1. Dear Lady,
      Pray enlighten us as to the “complete injustice” to which you refer ?

      I’ve put the kettle on and can’t wait to be educated as to how one goal from three efforts on target compared to one goal from two efforts on target from 79/21 possession advantage is an injustice ?

      Not our fault Lovren was a complete knucklehead to push DCL in the back… But I’ll wait to hear your thoughts…


  3. Kenny and the maligned Holgate. Our Goalie, who I am not even sure about, Dominic, all join the ranks of “heroes”in my eyes. Wayne is just that , Wayne, enough said. As for Martina, just to be controversial , did he give up, did he concede, was he playing in his chosen position, was he up against the prems alleged best player, it was tough, but I thought he did ok, struggled, but yes, for me he did ok. And when he went down and was a bit fed up, another leader, like or rate him or not, Williams showed true leadership helping his team mate keep on track. Well done. No comment is worthy without mention of Gana, superb.

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  4. Am I alone as a blue in quite liking JK? Can’t help liking his passion and emotional connection to what’s happening onfield. He’s disappointed with the result and can’t help blurting out his frustrations. Not a problem for me. Tbh I’d rather that than Sam’s percentage football.


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