Just another game, my arse

It all started so well: Liverpool 0 Everton 4 on 19th September 1964, goals from Harvey, Morrissey, Pickering & Temple. I was just three months old.

Fast forward almost 54 (fifty four) years, and we have won just 5 more times at Anfield in the League since then:

  • 21/3/70 Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (Royle, Whittle)
  • 20/10/84 Liverpool 0 Everton 1 (Sharp)
  • 22/2/86 Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (Ratcliffe, Lineker)
  • 18/11/95 Liverpool 1 Everton 2 (Kanchelskis 2)
  • 27/9/99 Liverpool 0 Everton 1 (Campbell)

There was a League Cup win in October 87 too, with a goal from Gary Stevens for the Stattos out there.

So the record is 6 League wins at the home of the lovable reds in my lifetime, none for 18 years, our longest winless run over there, none this Millennium.

When we rocked up on Sunday 10th Dec last year we were the two Sams’ lambs to the slaughter. They were full of confidence, pace and goals whilst we were recovering from open heart surgery. Somehow we nicked a draw, made all the sweeter by the toys thrown out of every red pram following the penalty award.

Tonight, it’s the FA Cup, we have to go there again and we need another backs to the wall display. With at least 8,000 Blues screaming the team on this time I refuse to give up hope, to surrender and to predict the worst. Without hope we have nothing, there is no point. Yes the hope can kill you, but the thought (1% chance) that we might just nick another draw keeps me going. Then back to the Old Lady…..The 4-4 of 1991 (followed by the second replay 1-0 win) is in my Top 3 games ever at Goodison.

Having used a decade or two’s worth of decisions our way last month, we can expect at least one red card tonight, and a softer-than-soft penalty for them too. Whatever the fortune gods or devils throw at us though, we must believe and never lose that belief. Forget the festive season horror shows.

This fixture matters to me more than any other, probably reflecting my inherent masochism, and the experiences of my formative 80s years. I will never accept inferiority to “them”, never have and I never will. Everton defines me, and defeats to them, many laced with controversy and injustice, have proved character building stuff over the years.

Whilst I won’t be there in the Anfield Road end tonight, I won’t be hiding behind the sofa either. I believe we can compete, I believe we can match them and, for so long as there is that belief in the players and the staff, anything is possible.

We are EVERTON and I would “love it” if we didn’t get beat. Just another game, my arse!











3 thoughts on “Just another game, my arse

  1. When you look at that win record as coldly as that, it’s pretty damn shameful isn’t it? Looking at this season, as you suggest Rodger, a draw would be an incredible result given the diametrically opposing fortunes to date.

    But, and I know it’s a big but, Sunday will see a man on the touchline who, unlike his two permanent predecessors Koeman and Martinez, will take Everton into the game with a very definite gameplan, looking for and expecting a result, not merely hoping for one.

    Sam Allardyce will without doubt set us up not to lose rather than to go out and win, and whilst that doesn’t quite meet the NSNO ideals we aspire to, if he and the team achieve a no loss result, we’ll gladly take it won’t we?

    Allardyce won’t be phased by the Kop, Klopp and his gurning antics or anything else to do with FC Big Stand. He’s a pragmatist and together with his right hand man Sammy Lee, he would love nothing more than to throw a massive spanner into the media darlings works.

    Two weeks ago, we were all fearing an absolute mauling and it may still happen of course, but I’ll wager than many more Blues are going to the game or will sit down to watch on television with much more anticipation now than two weeks ago.

    Come on you Blues !!!!

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