The Everton Hamster Wheel

Here we are again. 6 games into a Manager’s second season, and the pressure is well and truly on. After a “favourable run” of early fixtures, Everton have “only” managed 7 points, have been beaten to Nil by two newly promoted teams and, with Man City up next, languish in 14th with a goal difference of minus 4.

It’s been a while since I last blogged about the Blues. I gave up my Top Balcony Season Ticket this season (much relief to those around me) having moved to the South Coast, but, after witnessing first hand the surrender in my newly adopted hometown, and following that with defeat at home to Sheff Utd, some kind of masochism has drawn me back to the keyboard.

Who knows if Marco will steady the ship tomorrow and get past the other Sheffield club in the Cup we’ve never won, and then “do a Norwich” on Saturday against Pep’s champions. Whatever happens in the next few games you sense solutions are only ever temporary with Everton. There is something truly rotten at Goodison, that seemed to take root the moment we got the Moshiri millions/billions.

We have behaved like “first time phone-in callers” in the transfer market. In doing so it strikes me that we have bought two types of players:

  1. Mercenaries; who have joined EFC purely and simply for the £££. Their eyes were dazzled, we were so excited by our new found wealth we threw it around like confetti on: Sandro, Schneiderlin, Williams, Bolasie are obvious names, but I would add Sigurdsson, Walcott, Tosun, Bernard (all on the pitch on Saturday). You may disagree with some of the names in this category and, yes, some have been moved on as costly errors, but there can be no doubt that such a group of players exists.
  2. Stepping Stoners: those who came to Everton to further their careers, using  Everton as route to somewhere “bigger”. On this list you might put Richarlison, Keane, Pickford, Kean, Digne, Iwobi, Mina, Vlasic, Lookman Klaassen even. The idea being there is a win-win of Everton success meaning they can move on generating a nice tidy profit for reinvestment. It’s a model Southampton have followed to some effect.

There are also those players who should never have been signed as they just aren’t up to it: Niasse, Martina etc, but they are the least of our worries; and let’s not even go into the madness of the Rooney signing.

So what’s my point?

My point is that these two groups of players (Mercenaries & Stepping Stoners) simply cannot co-exist and form a functioning team; a team, like all successful teams, that is greater than the sum of the parts. Whoever you put in which group the fact is that there is no unity of purpose, no shared ambition. One group is here for the money, the other is looking to move on at the first opportunity. Getting a tune out of these two groups is an almost impossible job.

How many of our current squad see playing at Everton as the pinnacle of their careers? How many really care enough and have that burning ambition to win a trophy? How many are here for the long term, so we can build a team around them for years to come? I know that the modern age footballer is a selfish beast, but it strikes me that we have got ourselves the worst of both worlds.

Our recruitment, even though improved under Brands, has hardly been a roaring success. An overweight squad remains, but the underlying problem I would argue remains motivation and unity of purpose.

Until that is addressed, until we have an actual Plan that is understood and followed religiously with some genuine leadership and a ruthless, uncharitable, winning mentality at the very top of the Club, we will continue on the same hamster wheel, overpaying for players whose priorities and goals do not align, and, of course, we will keep changing managers 8-10 games in every other season (sooner if you’re Sam Allardyce).



5 thoughts on “The Everton Hamster Wheel

  1. Rodger
    Well said, totally agree. Straight to the point and crux of the matter.

    Regards (Don’t Judge) Steve.

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  2. It’s down to Silva. Most of the team are his players, especially at the front, and yet he can’t get a tune out of them. It was the perfect opportunity to try Keane & DCL at a front two, so I was baffled when Tosun played rather than DCL, who just happened to score last week. Taking off Seamus was a panic measure and of course playing two defensive midfielders at home v’s a promotion side does not lend itself to the style of play demanded at Goodison. It’s acceptable away, although it doesn’t work there either !
    Has he lost the dressing room or losing it ? Can he communicate effectively because I for one simply can’t understand a word he says at his press conferences. The players don’t look as committed as they should – that’s either the mercenary aspect showing itself, or they don’t know what he wants from them.
    Changing manager at this stage is an extreme measure and Moshiri has stated that this is a project rather than a season long event – will fan pressure and adverse results take it from an event and turn it into a crisis? Another aspect of change is who comes in to replace him and will funds be available.
    A solid performance and a win is an absolute must tomorrow and we must go on to win a piece of silverware. Fourth place is beyond us and probably 6th or 7th still achievable as long as the results start to go our way. Mid table and trophy less isn’t good enough for me and hopefully Moshiri will be of the same mind. Silverware or Silva out…..sorry about that !

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  3. Thanks for your post, Rodger. I find it hard to disagree with you. The question is: who would play for Everton at the moment? The last time players saw EFC as the pinnacle of their career (as you put it), we had Peter Reid in midfield and big Nev between the sticks. I am 55, and for the first time in my life, I honestly feel I will never see my club win a trophy ever again. Right now, I really couldn’t give a fig for Moshiri’s billions, or even the new stadium, I am just very very depressed.


      1. Thanks for your reply, Rodger. Sorry you feel the same way… I thought your piece was really perceptive. I just have no idea how things are going to get any better, no matter who we buy. Yes, at least oldies like us can remember the good times (Rotterdam was on my 21st birthday). By the way, I forgot to mention bug Dunc in my list of players for whom Everton was the pinnacle of their career – and possibly also Gareth Farrelly, but let’s not go there… COYB!

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