The Blue Half Podcast: Episode 1

For the very first episode of the the Blue Half Podcast, Rodger is joined by David Maddock, Daily Mirror Northern Football Correspondent to discuss primarily

  • Everton and the Media

They explore whether the Club gets a “fair deal” from local and national press, TV, Radio and online channels. What more can be done to improve that coverage? Is the Club doing enough to reach out beyond the City Region and even overseas?

They conclude with a brief look at the role of Marcel Brands and ask how that may be affected by the arrival of Carlo Magnifico.

You can listen here:-

All feedback and comments are welcome to @TheBlueHalfPod1 or @rodgerarmstrong.

Please tell your friends, subscribe, like etc & let us know if you would like to be a guest on forthcoming episodes.

The Podcast is also available on Spotify and has been submitted to iTunes, where it will be available once they have completed their “Review” and Indexing.



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