The Blue Half Podcast:- Season 2 Episode 4

Top of the League and having a laugh on board Carlo’s Groovy Train.

Rodger is joined this week by Matt and Chris Gill to discuss:

  • “That song” and how it went viral
  • Why Everton are too often overlooked by the Media
  • The Transfer Window
  • The upcoming Derby
Carlo’s Groovy Train

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2 thoughts on “The Blue Half Podcast:- Season 2 Episode 4

  1. I have listened to you Rodger over the last year or two and as a 78 year old Blues supporter in Australia for the last 40 years and nearly ten before that in N.Z. being born in Widnes but from a Prescot family my Uncles took me to Goodison when we were in the Second Division so I have seen them over that period.I have to say that it does not get any easier listening to the game/scores but I do really think that Toffees get more enjoyment from a win than every other team in the league.

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