The Blue Half Podcast:- Season 2 Episode 6

“Under Attack?”

In the aftermath of Saturday’s Derby it appears that all sections of the Media are lining up to attack Everton Football Club, particularly Jordan Pickford and Richarlison.

In this week’s episode Rodger is joined by freelance sports reporter, Patric Ridge, and Everton’s official statistician, Gavin Buckland, to discuss the game and the fallout thereafter:

  • Why has the coverage been so extreme?
  • Is it actual bias or purely sensationalism?
  • Has Everton done enough to defend and protect itself and the players involved?
“Bias or Sensationalism?”

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2 thoughts on “The Blue Half Podcast:- Season 2 Episode 6

  1. Evening Mr A. I have an appointment with a hot bath and, intend to enjoy a preverbal packed show. Everton bashing is certainly the flavour of the week. Fuelled by the usual suspects.

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