The case to keep Allardyce

Don’t be deceived by the click bait headline, I’ll keep this short.

The case for his appointment was ropy in the first place, but now there can be no case to keep him in post.

Every day he stays is a day too long. If Moshiri understands Everton at all he will not hesitate to act.

7 thoughts on “The case to keep Allardyce

  1. He annoys the S*** out of me, his gushing Sitteh comments were an insult to our great club, he’s a fkin embarassment.

    Sorry for the choice words.

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  2. After the City annihilation. Allardyce said, when our forwards pushed on to close City down, our midfield and defence failed to push up to close the space. And vice versa when our defence dropped back! Surely that’s his job to ensure this happens!! Or with these neanderthal comments is he really just paving the way for his pay off? I know the game gets more and more like basketball with the feet, season after season, but if your players can’t challenge, compete, dare I say, ‘get stuck in’, what’s the point? I’m not on my own with this view, having heard the crowd when Jagielka finally put in the first strong tackle!! Yes. He should go.


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